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Allamakee Sno-Blazers

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Inches of snow on ground: 2-23-21 Mother Nature is throwing a warm weather curveball, hoping we can save some base!


 Remember to respect private property and stay on marked trails at all times.  In town routes are marked, please stay off of sidewalks and obey speed limits.

Local Distances Between Stops:

Waukon to Rossville  14 Miles

Rossville to Waterville  7 Miles

Waterville to Harpers Ferry  15 Miles

Harpers Ferry to Lansing 27 Miles

Lansing to Waukon 23 Miles

Lansing to New Albin 20 Miles

Waukon to Decorah  22 Miles

Waukon to Dorchester 27 Miles

Dorchester to Eitzen, MN 7 Miles

Eitzen, MN to New Albin 16 Miles

 Have Fun and Stay on the Trail !!!

If you see any of our groomer operators be sure to thank them for all of their hard work this season!

Trails close for the season March 31.

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